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 Wellness Products

Choosing quality supplements is key in assisting you on your wellness journey.  In the past few years many counterfeit products have been being sold on amazon and other online websites. This is not only a waste of money but dangerous as you never know what you are actually getting.  Amazon sent out a notice advising product manufacturers of this issue and asking them to let their customers know.  So be mindful of this when ordering from online sites.  Another thing to keep in mind is "you get what you pay for." Although there may be alternative products on the market for cheaper, the ones we suggest are practitioner grade and high quality, so you may pay a little more but our products will be superior.  

 Shop doTERRA Essential Oils
doTERRA ID: 14666090

Store Code: 4328424

The Dr Supplement Store 
Practitioner Code: HG3935

When ordering, use coupon code: WEBSITE23 for an additional 5% off.

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