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Nice to Meet You...

My name is Heather and I wanted to share my own journey to finding holistic health with you.  I pray it not only encourages you but inspires you to take control of your own health.  About 12 years ago, I was carrying an endometriosis and unexplained infertility diagnosis, coupled with sudden onset anxiety/panic attacks, and facing my 3rd laparoscopy for a uterine fibroid at the age of 24.  After three years of unexplained infertility, failed IUIs, procedures, shots and prayers… I was not only desperate for a baby but desperate to feel well again.  We decided to hit pause on the baby train for a season to allow me to get well physically and emotionally.  We felt strongly that we needed to pray during this season and heal.  As soon as we made that decision to pause God placed someone in our lives who was an upper cervical chiropractor and naturopathic doctor.  He said he felt like God told him to help us.  Knowing God had ordered our steps, I decided to walk in faith.  Not knowing a single thing about alternative health care, I was open to it all since everything traditional had failed.  We started with upper cervical chiropractic care and blood work...lots of blood work.  He then analyzed everything along with my symptoms and created a custom protocol for me.  As he shared his thoughts and the protocol he had decided on, he spoke words that changed my view of health forever.  As I stared back at him concerned about all that was "off" in my body he said, “Everything is healable, God created our bodies to heal themselves.” Those words changed my life!  Realizing that with the right diet, nutrition and supplements, we could actually heal and not have to live a life of sickness and disease – that was the most hope I had felt in years.  We walked through a journey of diet reformation, cleansing, detoxing heavy metal and chemical toxins, supplementation and infrared sauna protocols and day by day I felt stronger and better than ever.  My hormones and thyroid regulated, I lost weight, my skin looked amazing, my body felt strong, no more cysts or fibroids, no more panic attacks… I felt like a new person!  After nine months I woke up on Christmas morning, five days late and took a pregnancy test in the secret of my bathroom.  I had sworn off taking another test EVER... but I decided to.  Little did I know by the time I sat it on the counter I would see my very first positive pregnancy test.  I ran and told my husband, and that Christmas morning was the best in the history of our lives.  Now we have two beautiful kids and I have never looked back or second guessed a holistic lifestyle.  Two years ago, I started feeling the pull to become a board-certified practitioner, and finally took the leap and did!  Now I am happy to help my clients achieve optimal health and wellness no matter what their journeys look like.  I would be honored to help you heal and live the life God created you for. 



Heather Gray, CHHP

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